Stallholders Set Up Instructions

Bump in/bump out and key times for stallholders and participants

Know where you will be

Familiarise yourself with your stall or setup location on at the Alexandria Park Community School layout.

ARAG (Alexandria Residents Action Group) volunteers will be at the school gates entrance from 8.00am at the end of Power Avenue, Alexandria.

When you arrive at the School gates, please come to the ARAG Welcome Area which is marked on the map. Your bump-in contact is our Chief Vehicle Marshall, Ben Noblet who can be contacted by mobile on 0419 205 692.

Care of Alexandria Park Community School

We ask that you:

  • Take extraordinary care when driving vehicles in to the school gound and
  • Clear up any rubbish from your stall and place it in the appropriate bins or take it with you.

Please note:  If your vehicle is remaining at the school during the Fair, you must have a drip tray underneath the vehicle to catch any oil that may leak onto the hard surface.

Vehicle entry and escort

If you need to bring a vehicle onto the school ground to unload or as part of your display, access is at the end of Power Avenue.  See the Red marker on the map below.

Google Map directions:











Please note and adhere to your vehicle entry timeslot in the table below – this ensures that we can manage the safe flow of all vehicles that need to come on to site.

You will be greeted by vehicle marshalls who will:

  • Verify who you are and that your vehicle is authorised to come on site
  • Confirm your location on school grounds
  • Fill in and provide you with a Vehicle Access Permit
  • Walk you and your vehicle onto the area.

Please note:  At all times during both bump in and bump out, your vehicle must be escorted to and/or from your stall location by someone wearing a high-visibility vest walking ahead. There is no exception to this requirement.

There are dogs and children in the park – we want to ensure everyone’s safety.

You must follow the directions of the vehicle marshalls and keep on the paths as much as possible going to and from your allocated location.

Bump In

Key times

Time Schedule Vehicle entry for
 8.00am  ARAG volunteers will be at the school gates  ARAG Vehicles & BBQ’s escorted on site
 8.15am  Marquees & other equipment delivered  Van & trailer escorted on site
 8.30am  Stage set up  Stage delivery vehicle
 8.45am  Marquees & other equipment delivered Van & trailer escorted off site
 9.00am  Jumping Castles  Delivery vehicles escorted on site
 9.15am  Food Trucks  Vehicles escorted on site
 9.30am  Stallholders using marquees  Vehicles for unloading escorted on site
10.00am  Other stallholders (Police, Fire Brigade & SES)  Vehicles escorted on site
 10.15am  Stallholders using marquees  Vehicles escorted off site
 3.00pm  Sunday Funday officially concludes.
Stallholders to begin packing up

Bump out

As with bump in, all vehicles must be escorted out of the Park for the safety of pedestrians and their four-legged family members.

To ensure an orderly exit, please follow the key times for bump out.

Key times

Time Schedule Vehicle entry for
 3.00pm  Pack up commences for all stallholders, food trucks etc  None
 3.15pm  Dismantling of all stalls with marquees
Volunteers assist with returning marquees, tables etc to the   ARAG Welcome area
 3.15pm  Dismantling of the stage and jumping castles  Vehicles escorted on site
 3.30pm  Food Trucks  Vehicles escorted off site
 3.30pm  Other stallholders (Police, Fire Brigade & SES)   Vehicles escorted off site
 3.45pm  Stallholder vehicles  Vehicles escorted on site to collect  equipment
 4.00pm  Jumping Castles  Jumping Castles Delivery vehicles escorted  off the park
 4.00pm  Marquees and other equipment collected  Van and trailer escorted on and off site
 4.15pm  Stage  Vehicles escorted off site